You can view your downlines, and get a breakdown of your earnings from your downlines on your dashboard.

Convert Earnings

You can request to convert earnings to cash and it will be credited in 24hours. You can also transfer earnings to wallet

24 x 7 Service

We are available to serve you 24 hours, 7 days a week.


Stage 1
0 zero charge
  • Click Register
  • Fill personal details
  • Fill account details
  • Congratulations!!!
  • Registration is free
Fund Wallet
Stage 2
1000 in wallet
  • Wallet balance is zero @ Registration
  • Click Wallet
  • Click Fund Wallet
  • Fund with minimum of ₦1000
Buy Data
Stage 3
700 per Gb
  • Click Data
  • Click Buy Data
  • Fill in Purchase details
  • Buy a minimum of 1Gb
Refer Others
Stage 4
% 41 from Downlines
  • Invite Others
  • They Register with your Id
  • Earn 23.4%, 11.8%, 5.8% from level 1, 2 & 3 downlines

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OUR News

Here you buy data and make money from all your downlines whenever they buy data. The more downlines you have, the money you earn.
Earn while you spend.
We currently have MTN on our platform. We are working on incorporating other service providers.


Can I fund my wallet without using my Visa Card?

Yes you can. You can do a transfer or pay at the counter to the company account.
  • Bank Name: GT Bank
  • Acct. Name: MA Code09
  • Acct. Number: 0424263736
Then send a text to 08063766804 in the format below.
  • Your Id, User Name, Depositor's Name, Amount
Your Wallet will be funded with the equivalent amount sent.

How do I buy data if I'm not online?

Be sure your wallet is funded. Simply send a text to your account officer in the format below.
  • Your Id, Recipient Number, Network, Data Value
Your account officer's number is on your dashboard.

How can I view my Downlines?

Click Downlines on the left menu in your dashboard menu, to view your Level 1 downlines.
To view Level 2 downlines of a Level 1 downline, Click the name of the Level 1 downline.
To view Level 3 downlines of a Level 2 downline, Click the name of the Level 2 downline.

How do I convert my earnings?

Please take note of the following to be eligible for converting your earnings
  • You must be sure to have earned at least 5000, before you are entitled to convert earnings.
  • You must have recharged a minimum of 1Gb in the current month.
  • If do not recharge in any month, you will forfeit your earnings for that month.
  • Conversion of Earnings starts on the 24th of every month and ends on the last day of the month.
If you have met all criteria, simply Click Convert Earnings on the dashboard menu, proceed to fill the information.
  • You can transfer to your bank account, you will be credited within 24hours.
  • You can transfer directly to your wallet.